When Daughters of Simone asks you to help them with creating a beautiful bohemian bridal space in the heart of Fresno, the answer is a no brainer! We loved collaborating and creating such a romantic and cozy atmosphere where you can gather your close girlfriends and family and go get lost in the beauty of their bridal dresses while enjoying a cold glass of bubbly.

Q:What do you need to consider before designing?

Tami: This project was quite a different process than our traditional residential projects so there was a lot to consider before starting. We had to now think Retail! How is the clientele going to shop in this space, what would make it appealing, how long will they be spending here and what will they need to feel most comfortable. There were tons of variables but it was a nice change of pace for us I think.

Krystal: We needed to pay attention to the fact that the home we were converting into a retail space was a historic piece of architecture. We all wanted to keep the bones and the original wood of the house. It was an easy transformation once the ideas were flowing. The DOS ladies knew what they wanted and it was up to us to execute their vision.

Q:What is your design process…how did you incorporate your clients needs?

Tami: My process for this project was channeling a certain period of time. The dresses that are being sold in the space are that of 60’s and 70’s influence (which are my two favorite decades), so taking the time to look through vintage books of those periods along with watching old episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore show, things like that.  The ladies of Daughters of Simone definitely had a strong vision for the space so helping them execute that was priority.

Krystal: The creative/design process for me begins with the first meeting. I love getting to know the clients and connecting with them. Our first meeting with Daughters of Simone really started the creative process once we walked into their “Little Blue House” it just had loads of charm, plants, and lots of vintage inspiration.

The headquarters for Daughters of Simone was such a fun and unique project for us. The ladies at DOS are massively creative in their own right so this wasn’t a normal brief. This was very much a collaborative job. During our meetings we knew the first items that needed to be addressed was the layout for the retail aspect of the space and how were we going to display their beautiful dresses and jewelry. We wanted this “bridal boutique” to be different than any bridal store you can walk into locally. Once the logistics were figured out the “pretty aspects” just fell into place.

Q: What was your favorite part/room of the project?

Tami: That’s tough because there’s something to love in every nook of that house but I’d have to go with the Retail Room. Everything in that space I would use as decor in my own home. Also that built in bar is fabulous!

Krystal: They’re all equally amazing for different reasons but my favorite is hands down the fitting room. If there was a space that gave me all the feels, it was definitely that one. With all the velvet, fringe, pom poms, and prints in there; it’s a room you can get lost in. However, the powder bath is a close second..that wallpaper is everything!

Q:Where/what do you do to draw inspiration?

Tami: I kind of answered this earlier but I found inspiration for this space through frequenting the local vintage shops, watching old movies/shows and even taking time to listen to some of my old records to get the ideas flowing. It’s all about putting yourself in a certain mood as well as thoughtfulness towards how people will feel in the space. 

Krystal: I get loads of inspiration from just talking and getting to know the clients themselves. The client needs to be able to envision themselves and see their personalities reflected through their homes and in this case through their bridal space. Things like clothing, prints, and jewelry were all big inspirations for me for this client in particular.

Please enjoy all the Before/Afters for one of our favorite commercial projects to date.






Pampas grass ceiling arrangement: Picked Floristry
Wood Worker/ Custom mirrors: Chris Freeman
Custom dress racks: Los Rod Chop
Construction Lead: Jeff Osbourne


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