ParcelHouse Design, Inc. is an interior design consulting company out of the Central Valley that consists of two self-driven, innovative and passionate women who have an incredible eye for design. Friends for years, effortlessly, a partnership was forged. ParcelHouse Design, Inc. caters to both busy families and working professionals to help create a stunning and practical home.

Krystal Bennett is a wife and a busy mother of two under the age of four. She understands the needs of families and the importance of punctuality and organization. With a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and a Minor in Event Planning from California State University, Fresno, Krystal has spent most of her time event styling for friends and family. She has a love for photography and fashion. With these experiences and her natural knack of decorating, she honed in her skills to become a self-taught design consultant. From revamping her own family home into a charming, picturesque and functional living space, she started getting hired to redecorate close friends and families homes. She is detail-oriented – paying extra attention to symmetry and lines – and always styles her client’s homes as she would her own – with beauty, grace and a keen eye. Her design aesthetics are primarily a mix of traditional and contemporary, but she loves to mesh different styles to make a truly original and unique space.


Tami Waters has always been a busy working professional since the age of 18 when she started as an independent Cosmetologist. Twelve years later, with the support of her husband and fur babies; she has extensive experience owning her own business, working with clients, listening and understanding client needs, and an amazing ability to “bring to life” a client’s vision. As a self-taught design consultant, she started from doing simple projects like rearranging furniture to larger construction projects where structures needed to be changed. Then, when Tami had her first home she began tinkering with her own style and found a definitive love for the 60s and 70s era. After meeting her husband, she moved to the lively and artistic San Francisco Bay Area, and gained a wealth of knowledge about interior design. While there, she whole-handedly transformed their home from an outdated 50s and 80s combination styled home into an updated midcentury modern home, with open spaces full of custom, unique and vibrant pieces, all while remaining cost-effective. Tami is always on the search for those show-stopping, “one of a kind” pieces and continuously stays up-to-date with the most current trends, including fashioning her own cutting-edge ideas.

Together, Krystal and Tami are a well-balanced team with a diverse style portfolio for both the busy family and the busy professional.



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