Repurposed Bar

For this project the client wanted an outdoor bar but one that could be brought inside if needed. Buying bars can get expensive and just wasn’t in their budget so we decided to go another route and do some repurposing. For our base we found this old dresser online that needed some love. From there we bought 1x4s and surrounded the dresser with them as our base of the bar. We added a cool design element to the front of it so that it was little more visually appealing. This step was not needed but that extra detail is what gives the bar something extra special. We raised the dresser so that it would be a good bar height and added wheels so that we could move it anywhere we needed it. For the bar top we bought ply wood and nailed it down. We then bought a piece of stainless steel sheet metal that was the size we needed and glued it down on top of the ply wood. We then stained it with a weathered grey stain. We weren’t happy with the color it came out so we went over the stain with a dark wax and it came out perfect! You can use this bar for so many different things and it was the perfect accessory to their outdoor living area.




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