Farmhouse Hutch either hate em’ or love em’! We love a good hutch because they’re so versatile. You can hide all your serving platters and trays in them and display all your beautiful china or ‘non china’ dinnerware at the same time. You can use them for say a coffee bar? Or…Alcohol bar anyone? However you decide to use yours just know they are a classic staple in any home and are easily refinished if you ever feel they need an update; which was the case for this client.

So in our clients home they had a massive built in hutch in their dining room. It was all light wood but it didn’t go with the clients home anymore. She didn’t want to remove it because just like the rest of us, it was her storage unit. So we decided to refinish it. For the cabinets we went with a pretty light green, or green blue, or is it teal?? Oh the many names of anyway back to the hutch, for the countertop we painted it white and then went over it with a little bit of dark wax to make it look like an antique white. We did this mainly to match the clients kitchen cabinets. We added some glass cabinet pulls, chicken wire to the top cabinets as well as a printed wallpaper to give it a little more detail. Now for the pictures! We hope you like it!!


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